“My … partial goal is for the nations of the world to dedicate themselves to peace and to go give utmost importance to the aims and  guiding principals of the United Nations. Both nations and individuals shall transform the feeling of superiority and inferiority – which are the root of world conflicts – into feeling of mutual support and encouragement.”
Sri Chinmoy
Sri Chinmoy has led the Peace Meditation at the UN (1970-2007) at the invitation of UN Secretary-General U-Thant. Twice weekly he had been meeting with delegates and staff of all nationalities and faith at UN Headquarters in New York for precious moments of silence dedicated to world peace. The Peace Meditations honor the highest spiritual aims of the UN.
“Whoever speaks to me about you is all appreciation and admiration, and I personally feel that you have been doing a most significant task for the United Nations.
Please feel my sincere respect and sincere concern for what you are doing for mankind”
U Thant, Third Secretary-General of the United Nations
for progress of their countries and service to their countrymen.
From Sri Chinmoy to Pope John Paul II
“Father John Paul, Salvation-King!
Your galaxy of glories we sing.
Soulful delight, your inner game.
Fruitful courage, your outer name.
Sleepless you awaken the sleeping lives.
In you our Lord’s God-Vision thrives.
O Himalayan Pole, O pole star bright,
You tell the world: ‘No bondage-night.’”
From Sri Chinmoy to Nelson Mandela
“The Pinnacle-Pillar of Mother Earth”
Our beloved President Mandela, O Supreme Pilot of the South Africa-Boat, it is here in this tinier than the tiniest room that you embodied your beloved country’s streaming tears and bleeding heart.
December 26th, 1995.
From Sri Chinmoy’s prayer offered on his visit to President Mandela’s prison cell in Robben Island.
“Nelson Mandela, torture-sufferer supreme.
High Heaven’s Smile and earth’s solace-dream.
Your heart has won the world’s admiration-choice.
Within, without, a perfect justice-voice.”
From Sri Chinmoy to President Gorbachev
“The Master-Key of the Global Heart”
“President Gorbachev:
A man in a million,
A heart in a billion
A soul in a trillion.”
“You are the most beloved
Of the chosen few
To be garlanded
By Father-God in Heaven
And Mother-God on earth
For your supremely unparalleled contributions
Toward changing the face and fate
Of the suffering world-community.”
“Freedom-grower, Freedom-giver, Freedom-delight!
The liberator-sun of the world’s division-night.
Love-peace-fountain, Mikhail,
Earth and Heaven’s oneness-thrill.
Gorbachev, Gorbachev, all-where, the peace-blossom-tree.
The master-key of the global heart, bondage-world free.”
From Sri Chinmoy to Mother Teresa:
Affection-Sister, Compassion-Mother Teresa divine,
Every day God’s Smile, Joy and Pride with your soul dine.
Mother, your Calcutta’s streaming tears
And bleeding heart you are.
To you the whole world bows and bows from near and far.
Your life is the fragrance of the world-peace-dream-flower.
Yours is the breath that builds God’s Satisfaction-Tower.
Mother Teresa:
Calcutta’s Soaring Bird
India’s Sailing Moon
The World’s Weeping Sky
Earth’s Tearing Loss
Heaven’s Dancing Gain
The Christ’s Blossoming Promise
The Mother Mary’s Harvesting Pride.
My sisters and brothers of the world,
Are we so blind that we cannot see
God’s own Autograph
On Mother Teresa’s forehead?
From Sri Chinmoy to Princess Diana
“A Temple-Heart of Sympathy”
“Princess Diana,
Yours is a temple-heart
Of sympathy, self-giving
And oneness-delight.”
“Princess Diana, your heart of sympathy covers the length and breadth of the world. There shall come a time when the entire world will value you most sincerely, most lovingly and most wholeheartedly.
In your case, your heart always unites itself with the multiplicity of the world-family. You are inspiring the whole world by virtue of your heart of oneness and sympathy. Eventually your heart will win.”
worldwide humanitarian service
“Our humanitarian service is not our self-motivated, condescending act of charity to the poor and the needy. It is a gigantic opportunity to feed, nourish and strengthen our own poor brothers and sisters so that they can, side by side, march along with us to proclaim the world-oneness-victory of God the Creation.”
Sri Chinmoy
With Sri Chinmoy’s strong encouragement and guidance, the worldwide Sri Chinmoy Centers have been collecting and sending large amounts of humanitarian assistance to extremely needy children and adults in 136 countries on six continents. Please visit the project at
“The Peace Blossom claim each and every human being on earth as their own, very own, as part and parcel of one peaceful and blissful family”
Sri Chinmoy
Over 1100 landmarks around the globe have been dedicated to the cause of world peace as the part of the Sri Chinmoy Peace-Blossom programme. It also includes over 160 Nations, whose leaders proclaimed values of peace and oneness on national level.
The Peace-Blossom programme is a unique and highly effective way to join citizens on a grassroots level in a universal and positive expression for world friendship and peace.

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