Sri Chinmoy serves as spiritual guide to students in some 70 countries around the world, encouraging a balanced lifestyle that incorporates the inner disciplines of prayer and meditation with the dynamism of contemporary life.\



through the ancient art of meditation – is what Sri Chinmoy offering to aspiring humanity. As the meditation master he established meditation Centers in more then 400 cities worldwide. Their activities share a common goal of fostering world harmony through athletic, cultural and musical initiatives that have a popular community following. The Sri Chinmoy Centre does not have a dogma or require any particular belief system of its adherents – rather it espouses a spiritual approach to life based upon a belief in the essential goodness and divinity of the human soul. To this end, the Sri Chinmoy Centre offers courses in meditation as one of its principal activities – at Sri Chinmoy’s request these courses are available to the public for free.
The cornerstone of man-perfection Sri Chinmoy sees in God-satisfaction – in obtaining and fulfillment of the Vision for our unique role and mission.
Sri Chinmoy left more then 1600 books on philosophy and meditation, essays, aphorisms, plays, stories, question and answers. Have a look at 
Music is next to meditation to help in our quest for self-discovery and touching real Truth lying deep inside us. Sri Chinmoy himself composed music and songs in highly meditative consciousness. Feel free to dive within at
Be happy. 
You will get 
What you like most. 
You will be 
What you like best.
[Sri Chinmoy. The Life-Illumining Traveller's Companion]
Rather then create outer surrounding for us to feel more happier, Sri Chinmoy encourages to search within for a real happiness, that are dependless on outer things. True happiness grows from within and most effectively changes our outer life. When we are happy, we are most progressive citizens of the world.
To give happiness to individuals, Sri Chinmoy created thousands of Jharna-Kala paintings. Come here to increase your own level of happiness –

And don’t forget to explore whole space on happiness –

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individual progress basics
The message of self-transcendence
Is itself satisfaction,
Far beyond our imagination.
[Sri Chinmoy, Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees, Part 14]
Self-transcendence – is another cornerstone of Sri Chinmoy philosophy. Not competing with others to be better then them, but transcending our own limitations of any kind – is giving us true fulfillment. The brightest application of self-transcendence you could find in sports. All the events that are organized by Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team are having self-transcendence spirit. Find, what is nearest to you at
Not only in sports but in our daily multifarious activities there is a place for self-transcendence and self-giving – doing our best and giving our very best for others. In Sri Chinmoy own words – “The pride of the earthly race and the joy of the heavenly race have the same goal – self-transcendence” [link to the Song, Agnikana’s group]
cornerstone of transformation
Whatever you are doing,
If you can feel oneness
With other human beings,
With the world,
Then you will be successful
Far beyond your own imagination.
[Sri Chinmoy, Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees, Part 15]
It’s rightly said that we are receiving only what we are giving. In all his activities, Sri Chinmoy stressed that we will definitely  experience happiness, when we will serve the world and put our heart in everything we do or say. If we will try to see divinity inside human beings first, then it will be much easier to transcend our human likes and dislikes and to serve God in man for his full blossoming.

Selfless service is absolutely necessary for the transformation of our human nature and earth’s nature.

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no matter how old or how young you are
God’s philosophy
Is simpler than the simplest:
“Never give up, never give up!”
[Sri Chinmoy, Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees, Part 26]
Quite often on the way to our dreams we are being discouraged and challenged by unfortunate experiences. Here is the universal answer – Never give up!
Although we are experiencing strong resistance while pursuing our ideas – the harder our victory, the more precious it is to us. We do need to challenge and overcome all the limitations in ourselves – mental, emotional, physical – in order to be victorious in the battlefield of life.
Look at personal example of Sri Chinmoy who at age of 54 started his weightlifting journey – from the inner peace to the outer power
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