You could visit meditation classes nearest to you to achieve peace of mind and more clearer picture of your life – www.SriChinmoyCentre.org
We also inviting you to the following projects that are happening during Sri Chinmoy Golden Service Jubilee
Music – Song of the Soul Concerts
Olympic-style torch relay – Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run
Athletic Events – Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team
Art Exhibits – Jharna-Kala
Reading Sri Chinmoy poem in most languages – Guinness record - April 10, 2014. New-York, USA
Another thing you could do – to pay a visit to one of more then 20 Statues of Sri Chinmoy to meditate for a while in silence and peace. Contact Sri Chinmoy Center nearest to you for the details.
Finally you could undertake your own projects, to make your life more harmonious, beautiful, understanding and peaceful – and thus contribute to the progress of humanity.