Pope John Paul II
“Special blessings to you. Special greetings to your members. We shall continue together.”
June 18th, 1980
Meeting at the Vatican
“God bless you and your divine activities.”
October 14th, 1987
Meeting at the Vatican
“I am very grateful for your visit. God bless you and all your contemplative activities.”
November 30th, 1988
Meeting at the Vatican
President Mandela
“I cannot express in words my joy! What you are doing is in the interest of the entire humanity and the world.”
January 29th, 1996
Meeting at African National Congress Headquarters, Johannesburg
“I am extremely happy to hear about the very wonderful campaign for peace that you have undertaken, my brother…I have great regard for your work, my brother, and sincerely hope to see your labours crowned with success.”
April 14th, 1997
“My brother in peace…we acknowledge the tremendous contribution which you and your peace movement are making to promote global peace. The people of our country are both humbled and honoured to have received inspiration and encouragement from you during our struggle for democracy.”
August 26th, 1997
“The Peace Centres that you have established in various parts of the world are critical for the survival of humanity…”
April 13th, 1999
“During the past 30 years, countless numbers of United Nations ambassadors and staff have experienced your Peace Meditation at the United Nations. Your spiritual activities have contributed to raising the standard of humanity to new heights. I am proud of the fact that South Africa is one of the 60 [now 152] countries which have dedicated themselves and their people to fostering peace and friendship as Sri Chinmoy Peace-Blossoms-Nations.”
July 10th, 2000
President Gorbachev
“I hope that the New Year will be very successful for all the noble ideas and actions that you and your Peace Centres are promoting all over the world.”
December 24th, 1992
“…During these years, the Peace Meditation at the United Nations which you formed has become a powerful force…and it has given new strength to the movement for peace, to the renewal of spirituality and to the survival of humanity.”
March 17th, 1994
“There are not many people in the world who are so sincerely dedicated to the ideals of love of fellow human beings, peace and understanding and who are so self-giving in their actions…”
“Your deeds are invaluable, for they cannot be measured by any economic or political parameters; they are noble and cure the human soul.”
March 27th, 1995
“My Friend, you are the personification for the United Nations of dedication to its noble ideals…”
April 18th, 2001
Telephone Conversation
“Your enormous and significant activities are helping people to live better lives in peace, friendship and love… Everyone knows and highly appreciates your work at the United Nations. Indeed, you are connected with the whole world, and your work is to foster peace-making efforts and the spiritual development of humanity… Whatever you dedicate yourself to-art, music, poetry, drawing-all this is connected with peace, peace amongst people and peace amongst nations…”
August 15th, 2001
Mother Teresa
“I am so pleased with all the good work you are doing for world peace and for people in so many countries. May we continue to work together and to share together all for the glory of God and for the good of man.”
October 1st, 1994
Meeting at the Missionaries of Charity House
adjoining the San Gregorio Church in Rome
“May we continue to do God’s Work together. How beautiful are all your works for world peace and for all mankind!”
April 13th, 1996,
Telephone Conversation
“All that you are doing for the world is for the Glory of God and the good of people! Pray for me, as I pray for you and for all of your many projects for world peace. Your works of love are works of prayer, and your works of prayer are works of God.”
August 27th, 1997
Last telephone conversation between Mother Teresa and Sri Chinmoy on the date of their shared birthday.
Princess Diana
“I know that you too strive to ease unnecessary suffering and indeed, have helped many, many people…I thank you for your generosity of spirit and send to you my heartfelt best wishes.”
July 21st, 1997
“Your letters are so enormously encouraging. It is through this encouragement that I find the strength to continue with the fight against landmines, which is so vitally important to me…”
August 7th, 1997