“My students and I have only one goal in all our peace-serving activities: to serve the message of peace. 
My partial goal is for the places which are now in conflict is to establish harmony on the basis of our prayers and meditations. Now some countries are having serious problems, and they are affecting the whole world.
On the individual level, my partial goal is for people to lead better and more progressive lives and to work for the welfare of the world.
My next partial goal is for the nations of the world to dedicate themselves to peace and to go give utmost importance to the aims and  guiding principals of the United Nations. Both nations and individuals shall transform the feeling of superiority and inferiority – which are the root of world conflicts – into feeling of mutual support and encouragement.
My ultimate goal is for the whole world to walk together in peace and oneness. Just as the rose has many petals, all of which add to the beauty and fragrance of the rose, so too the world shall become one world-family. Together we shall live in harmony in a spirit of self-giving for the good of all. By giving joy to others and by receiving inspiration from others, each individual will contribute to the perfection of the whole. 
This ultimate goal requires the transformation of the human nature. There must be a great synthesis between the inner life and the outer life. The inner life wants love, the outer life wants power. Now we are all exercising the love of power. But a day will come when this world of ours will be inundated with the power that loves. Only the power that loves can change the world.
My ultimate goal is for the power of love to replace the love of power within each individual. At that time world peace can be achieved, revealed, offered and manifested on earth.”
[Sri Chinmoy: Philosophy, Partial Goals and Ultimate Goals, Activities and Awards by Agraha]
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Since coming to America in 1964, Sri Chinmoy has established a wide range of cultural, humanitarian and spiritual programs on every continent. In addition to his myriad of creative offering for the cause of world peace. Sri Chinmoy’s global peace initiatives have involved millions of citizens from all nationalities, faith and cultures – specially the youth.
By nurturing the growth of the heart of oneness, Sri Chinmoy and the countless participants in his peace programs have created a powerful collective force for the betterment of mankind.
In 2014 we are observing and celebrating Golden Jubilee of Sri Chinmoy – 50 years of service to the progress of humanity.
Although he passed away in 2007 – his Vision, his inspiration and profound realization, his projects and initiatives continue to guide people, nations and whole planet to a better and more fulfilled life.
At this site you could learn his contribution and join his ongoing projects.